“The future belongs to those who learn more skills and combine them in creative ways.”

– Robert Greene

Hansome Kelly

I had $19 in my account, couldn’t pay my bills on time and told myself “enough is enough”. 

These courses are committed to one primary outcome: to set you up for financial freedom and the good news is, it can be achieved by anyone.

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I Can Help You With

Credit Enhancement

Provide you with actionable tools and little-known techniques to maximize the value of credit cards, repair and build your credit, as well as establish an active role in your credit management. 

Forex Education

Step by step online educational components to learn how to prosper in the Foreign Exchange market without prior knowledge. Develop the ability to manage risk, make educational projections, trade with confidence, and gain results.

Financial Literacy

Provides you with the resources to develop healthy money habits that last. Create a realistic budgeting plan that reflects your goals, understand basic and advanced money management, and gain investment tactics. 

1:1 Coaching

For even more help with fixing and building your credit, developing your psyche, becoming financially literate, and a technical analysis expert. 

Five Things I Wish I Knew Before Trading Forex! #TradingTips

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Market Execution

Take Risks or Die Tryin'

Will Grind For Change

Market Execution


Take Risks or Die Tryin'


Will Grind For Change


Results I've Helped Create

November was profitable, and I made even more in December. Thank you again for those 1-1 webinars, they were turning points into the beginning of my consistency.
Cody G.
Day Trader
Working with Hansome, my credit went up 120 points and I was able to get approved for my first credit card with a limit of $6,800
Tiana A.
I signed up for a financial class and I got a great tip from Hansome Kelly. Each week I paid a small amount towards my credit card payment instead of one lump-sum. My credit score shot up over 50 points. Welcome me to the 700 club
Eblond A.
Event Coordinator
Best decision I could've made. I literally made back my small investment in 2 weeks. Well worth the time and money.
Nate M.
Mobile Developer

Financial Vortex

Foreign Exchange Course


Designed for first time traders and experienced traders looking to improve

  • Lifetime access to content
  • Access to past and future webinars
  • Access to our exclusive FB Group
  • How to successfully build A trading plan
  • Interactive Exercises
  • A top down analysis approach for bulls-eye entries and exits

Credit Enhancement


Designed for individuals looking to enhance their credit score

  • Add $10k or more of available credit
  • Maximize your credit line
  • How to get cash back
  • How to travel for free
  • Credit hacks they don't want you to know

Bundle Package


  • Budgeting Plan spreadsheet
  • Savings Plan spreadsheet
  • Full access to FX Course
  • Full access to Credit Enhancement Course

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